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Hi. I'm Robert.

I'm an independent technical writer in Chicago.

I write API documentation. I've been doing it for a long time, am good at it, and can help you.

But I'm a different kind of tech writer, combining multiple disciplines, new technologies, and a common sense approach to projects.

Let me help you on your next project. Write me at Robert@WriteOnce.org.

Appearances This Year
Places I'm speaking.
The Math of Passwords
Passwords really do work, and here's why.
Managing Automation
How to introduce Office automation to writing teams.
The Spark of Innovation
Can you inspire innovation, or does brute force work?
Programming a .NET ListBox
Listboxes and Datagridviews are excellent ways to present a lot of information. They can be extremely fast and versatile, too.
Exporting Word to Madcap Flare
Problems exporting Word to Flare can be exacerbated with all those Span tags. This takes care of that in one operation.
Flare's Too Long Names
Are you getting "Too Long File Names" errors? This is your fix.
Things I'd Change About Flare
Don't give us a new version of Flare, just fix the bugs.
Using Regex with Madcap Flare
Put search and replace on steriods and use this with Madcap Flare. This was my 2018 STC Summit presentation.
How Can We Get Tools We Need?
We can get the tools, we just need to start seeing everything as being broken.
Getting Started as an API Documentation Writer
Things you need to know but no one tells you. Except me.
Seven Things Computers Can't Do For API Writers
We're being oversold with API documentation generators. See why I think that.
Is this the best Swagger can do?
If that's it, then no thanks. We're better off on our own.
The 30 Minute Limit
Can clients get started with your APIs in fewer than 30 minutes? Perhaps not.
Microsoft Word's Wildcard Replacements
Can Word Solve Its Own HTML Problem? You Betcha!
Adding a speech recognition to an existing application.
It's easier than you think, but it takes planning.
Robert's Rules of Order for API Documentation Writing.
There is a method to all this.
Creating writer's tools for a team isn't a chore.
Some simple steps will help.